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  1. Gluon

    Gluon is in fact a continuation of the Higgs Font, made as a multi-color webfont. 


  2. The Higgs Font

    The Higgs Font is a font I made based on the Higgs boson. I was really interested in the idea that we know that the boson exists that we can't (or couldn't until recent) measure it. And the idea that the existence of a particle could change the moment you can actually see it. 
    The font I designed has a maximum of eleven characters for each word. Eleven for each dimension and the word itself being the 12th dimension. The characters are made of energy flows, let's say, and are interfering with each other, starting from the middle of a word. So you basically have the think from the middle of a word if you want to type something.


    Size (specimen)

    297 x 420 mm
    Reviva, 160 gram 


  3. Avenir Specimen

    This specimen for the font Avenir is in fact a diary of a journey I made with one of my closest friends to Dublin in 2010. It was the week before Christmas and the first time in ages that there was snow in Ireland. Due to the severe weatherconditions we were badly restricted in all our activities and weren't able to fly back home. So a few days later than planned we returned back home by bus, all because of a few snowflakes.

    The left side of the spread shows the route we walked a certain day and the right side shows a small report of our experiences that day. As the week passed by the interference by the snow got worse and worse, so the further you are in the diary, the harder it is to read it.



    210 x 297 mm
    Inside; Hello silk, 120 gram
    Cover; Mat, 250 gram